It Trends: Spikes

A trend is exactly that: a trend. Something that is in fashion for a short time, and then becomes yesterday’s news before you can even say head-to-toe leather. But spikes seem to be on a merry-go-round of style, coming back time and time again. And we couldn’t be happier! Spikes aren’t just for bikers or Lady Gaga anymore: add them to your bag, your jewelry, your jackets and even your blouses!

Spikes are a fun (and rather badass) accessory to feel a little edgier. Here at Ego Closet, we just can’t get enough spikes, and we know that once you get the right piece in your wardrobe, you won’t be able to either. Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Spiked Metallic Cutout Dress

Spike shoulder chiffon shirt

Studded shoulder crop blazer black

Spiked leather moto jacket

Spiked hi-low bustier dress black

Feeling skittish about the toughness of spikes? Ease into it by choosing an accessory or a small addition to your clothes. Trust us, in no time at all you’ll be hooked and wanting more! Start by adding just a touch:

Calfhair leopard spiked bag black

Black Spiked Knuckle Clutch

Get your spike on!


Ego Closet