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Style Muse Monday | Jessie J

Jessie J is a mega-babe, mega-powerhouse, mega-talent, and MEGA-EGOIST. An English singer with style that doesn’t quit and a talent that is incomparable, especially in today’s voice charts! Though she’s been a professional artist since 2005, she really has claimed her fame in the recent 4 years with many wins in the “newcomer, breakthrough artist” categories. She has since performed with innumerable artists around the world and collaborated with Cyndi Lauper, Queen, Taio Cruz and She’s stylish brit has been compared to Adele and amy winehouse for her beautifully soulful voice. People talk about her style but listen, she’s a total egoist: bold, eclectic and infinitely fresh!
Check out how her style shines real bright! This grrl’s got it going on!

Jessie is daring and adventurous but she is always conscious of her proportions and fit, always keeping it balanced and showing off her best points. Learn what fits your body best and play with flattering silhouettes. She’s bold and we like it! Check out her shoes, I mean c’mon Jessie, you’re way cool! Just like Jessie J, don’t hold back once you get down to your feet, a good pair of shoes whether it is more subtle to balance out your look or it is just as flashy as the rest of your look, will make the lasting impression.

On stage, this grrl is mad-firece. She works the sheer look like a sheer genius! She’s got it going on, follow suit but rocking your style with no fear! Grrl, you don’t have to be a global music sensation in order to rock hard!

-Ego Closet

Global Egoist | London digs

Global Egoist : London Bold
Bold prints come in and out but with the right styling, can be timeless. Consider the mega hot bold prints that were huge in the 60s and brought back in the 80s. Well they’re back and rocking in London…and I suggest all Egoists take note!

Make sure you dare to layer, play ‘er and share!

We’ve got bold colours too, not just bold prints! Offset with neutral shoes, shirts or other accessories, but make sure you keep balanced! Style is always about a fair amount of balance! For example, a bold print, doesn’t need a lot of showing skin. Or a big bold dress doesn’t need bigger and bolder jewelry! But do not be afraid to mix and match!

These first three egoists are paving the way for modernizing old classics: big bold prints circa twiggy era 1966.. get on it because before you know this trend will be sitting on the back burner. Style is a timeless thing so try it out and adapt with the times. Remember that the most stylish egoists in the world are the ones who provide fluid style, not a cookie-cutter subcultural cliche.

Get it.

These next three are some kind of wonderful. Honestly, we are loving these oversized sweaters with bold prints. Slightly art deco, majorly cool. And the pull over graphic sweater with oversized arms (just to your right) … we ADORE. Werq in the sk8 stylez! YES!

Way cool, way perfect! We’re loving it!

get with it.



Style Muse Mondays: The girls outside of girls.


I know the first season was better but did you know that these girls have good style, outside of the hbo set? Girls is a super hot show right now and the girls are just as hot! We are always impressed when people have good style off set. So here’s a little peep at how these girls rock off set.

So first we have Lena Dunham, the brains of this production. Her character, Hannah, is crazy(clinically) and her style is girly and kind of boring on the show. But off the show, her styling is much more refined and mega cute. Check her out in this super cute collared dress with a bold print. Super well styled in this shoot…can you guess who else will have super cute, bold printed dresses soon? ; )

Next we have the free spirit, who clearly is a free spirit art child off-set too. Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa on the show, seems to be seriously cool and though her style is in no way refined, that is why people love her! This bohemian girl sported this bold print and we love it! The bold prints, I tell ya’ …

Okay, psycho ex-girlfriend, Marnie may be kind of(a lot)crazy but we all are, from time to time! This girl has got the ladylike style down! Allison Williams tends to gravitate towards the simple cut dresses, clean cut coats and upper east side styles. However this grrl totally shocked us in this number. Yes, we love it! Keep doing more of this for the summer, please!

But the star of my style radar is little miss Shoshanna, the little virgin lamb with a knack for verbalizing her every thought in a “chicken-with-its-head-cut-off” fashion. Shoshanna is the epitome of boring normal fashion on the show but off the show, Zosia Mamet bleeds style. She has the right accessories and the right sense of layers. She surprised us the most because on the show, she looks like her mom still dressed her. But check this girl out! Cape style coat, true round shades and a printed pant…Grrl, you know how to werrq it. We are impressed.
-ego closet

zosia mamet (shoshanna)

Blog Love: Bake-o-rama


Happy Thursday ladies! This week we are featuring our favourite and most fabulous recipes from the blogosphere. So get on your cutest apron and out your measuring cups…


Everyone has been making cake pops lately but trust the super stylish blogger Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere to be on the cutting edge with these super cute pie pops! A very cute idea to bring to a girl’s night…our mouths are watering already!

2) Passion Fruit & Lime Bavarian Cake

One of the best bakeries in San Francisco called Tartine…an expat missed the bakery so much she started her own blog wherin she tries to recreate it’s most delicious baked delights. We are dying to make this fluffy and fresh Passion Fruit and Lime Bavarian Cake that she recreated…

3) Baked Banana French Toast

If you want to impress your honey one morning with something extra delish, get up extra early and make this Baked Banana French Toast from Bakerella. Her recipes are so good they have been featured by none other than Ms. Martha Stewart!

Happy Baking ladies!



Blog Love


Have you ever seen a super stylish girl and wished you could just peek into her closet to snoop through her fabulous collection of treasure? We sure have…which is why we are in love with the blog Closet Visit . It’s such a simple and genius concept that has all of us fashionistas drooling over these chic ladies’ wardrobes…

Here are some of our favourites…

1) Sophie Assa

Sophie is the adorable owner of True Fashion Art with a quirky, chameleon-like style that is style very au currant. She pulls off both sweet and sexy with ease and has a closet that we are truly envious of….

2) Bo Carney

Bo is the owner of L.A.’s fantastic Mohawk General Store. Her style is classic and fresh with an edgy twist. There are lots of monochromatic colours in her wardrobe but it is far from being boring or conservative. We also love her cute dog!

3) Sunny Walker 

The owner of Painted Bird vintage clothing store, Sunny’s style reminds us of wild childs of the 1960′s. We love her use of colour and the boldness of the items in her closet…

Explore the website and find your most coveted closets!



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