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Street Style: Paris Fashion Week 2012


Often, the best style inspiration comes from catching the glimpse of a girl’s fabulous outfit as she struts past you on the street. As much as we love taking inspiration from editorials and runways, it’s truly amazing to see  how people make things work for their everyday life. So this new section of our blog is devoted entirely to the street style of fashionistas around the world…

To kick things off with the most style possible our feature today is on the street style of the lucky attendees of Paris Fashion Week 2012. Paris is world-renown for being impossibly chic so of course the lovely Parisian streets were looking their absolute best…

There were tons of street style photographs from Paris Fashion Week but our favourites came from Harper Bazaar photographer Mr. Newton. Check it out through his lense….

We hope the pictures have left you feeling inspired for lots of rad weekend outfits!

See you monday Egocloset Ladies :)



Blog Love

Welcome to a new section of our blog where we share with you the raddest stuff that’s going on in the blogosphere every week.

1)The Sartorialist – LOUIS VUITTON FALL/WINTER 2012

Check out Mr. Sartorial Scott Schuman’s review of Louis Vuitton’s fantastical, train-travel inspired Fall/Winter collection…

2) Cupcake Project – St. Paddy’s Day Lucky Charms Cupcakes

Talk about magically delicious! This super cute blog has the absolute BEST cupcakes recipes. We are so excited to try making these fun, St. Patrick’s Day themed goodies. Pair with green beer…

3)Pins and Roses - Egocloset Giveaway

Gorgeous Toronto based blogger Allison looks amazing in our Caleb Blazer (see below). She is doing a giveaway for a $50 Gift Card to Egocloset. So check out her rad blog and enter the contest!




Flavour of the Week: Reality Bites


Now that it’s 2012 it’s finally time that we can look back upon the 90′s with nostalgia and start reviving the kitchsy, wicked styles that a lot of us were too young too appreciate first time round. We recently rewatched the 90′s cult classic ‘Reality Bites’ and fell in love with the decade and it’s edgy fashion all over again.

Ben Stiller’s directorial debut, the film captures the disenfranchised youth of the 90′s with Winona Ryder starring as an aspiring filmmaker and Ethan Hawke as a nihilist grunge rocker. Set to a classic 90′s soundtrack and full of faded denim and printed dresses , the film is a perfect 1994 time capsule.

Since watching the film we’ve been dying to emulate that decade’s it-girl Winona Ryder’s iconic style.

Try our Carnaby Mini Dress for that classic 90′s printed baby-doll paired with some leather boots and ripped tights to make it grunge…

Now go watch the film to get in the mood!




Style Guru: Short Shorts


Though some of us ladies still have to bundle up in the cold, we all have our minds thinking spring and summer and all the amazing wardrobe possibilities. One item of clothing that is already gaining lots of momentum for the season is short shorts! What we love about short shorts is the versatility of them…grunge them down or dress them up they are a 2012 must have.


Channel your early 90′s bad girl and pretend like  you’re a Nirvana groupie with a pair of ripped rocker shorts. We’re just dying for it to be summer so we can party all night in a pair of these….

For the rocker look make sure to pair your shorts with cool band t-shirts, leather jackets, thigh-highs and military boots. Try our Dark Feeling Cut-off Denim Shorts, High Waist Boyfriend Denim Shorts, or Faux Leather Shorts for the look….


Shorts don’t have to be wild and crazy though, the right short paired with a cute, sophisticated outfit can make the trend suitable for the aspiring Blair Waldorfs out there…

For this look, pair your shorts with silk blouses, lace and structured blazers.  Try our Vintage High Waist Shorts, Classic High Waist Shorts, or Floral Cord Shorts



Style Muse RETRO: Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton

The other day we saw a trailer for BBC’s new mini-series ‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ about iconic 60′s model Jean Shrimpton and it had us brimming with excitement and clothes envy…

With modern day style icons like Lana Del Rey and Carey Mulligan turning to the 60′s for much of their style inspiration, we’re happy to see the fashionistas that started it all getting their credit too. A poster girl of the swinging London scene, Jean was one of the most beautiful, important and influential faces of 60′s fashion. Rumor has it she was so iconic that minutes after a Revlon ad featuring Jean in a Chantilly lace dress, the make-up company received a barrage of phone calls from ladies who wanted to know where they could get the same dress! A true style muse…

Jean has also been hailed as the girl who invented the mini skirt as she went to the conservative Victoria Derby with a dress that was 10 cm above her knees with no stockings underneath. This is tame by today’s standards but in the 60′s she was a wild and bold trailblazer which is why we adore her so!

So in Jean’s honour this week rock a mini-dress like our Crochet Strap Dress with a 60′s-esque coat like our Black Elbow Patch Knit Jacket….

Or a fun crop top like our Tiny Dancer Top with some mod-like skinnies such as our Wine-Coloured Skinny Jeans



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